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Admissions Procedures and Policy
The school is open for applications all year around and families are welcome to apply at their convenience. 

Admissions Philosophy

At ØIS, we believe that we should be seeking to find ways to admit students to our school, rather than reasons to prohibit entry.  We aim to ensure a diversity of gender, culture, and nationality at ØIS.  We will consider the possibility of meeting a child’s needs at the school, as we consider a student for admission.

ØIS is principally an academic school; we expect students to move from our school either to other international schools, or to further education.  We therefore seek to promote ourselves in the community as a school welcoming hardworking, internationally minded, life-long learners.

If a class is considered full, acceptable applicants will go on a waiting list.  If a place later becomes open, we will look at the wait list to accept an appropriate student to replace the student leaving. Students will not be offered places in different grade levels, if their appropriate grade is full.

If a family has records of their child requiring special support to succeed in school, then the parents are required to include these records with the initial application.  If the student has a diagnosis and/or has undergone a psychological evaluation, we will need a copy of that to show our school psychologist before we accept the student. Children needing support will still be considered for entrance to ØIS, however the Learning Support Coordinator and School Psychologist will need to be involved in the decision.

At ØIS, we believe in ethical practices and transparency. We therefore ask for the same from our families both in the ØIS community and in the application process.  If we find that a family withholds vital information, we reserve the right to reverse the admissions process.

Applications to ØIS must be completed and submitted using our online application form, along with a non-refundable application fee of DKK 2.000,-per child. Applications will not be processed until the fee is paid. 

An application form to ØIS must be supported with the following documents. Non-submission of these documents will mean that your child’s application will not be processed:
1. A copy of the child and parents' CPR number or CDR number/card, if applicable;
2. A copie of both parents’ / legal guardians’ passports containing residency visa (if applicable);
3. A copy of your child’s passport including photograph;
4. Copies of your child's last two school reports for all children entering Grade 1 and above (in English);
5. Full details of any special educational needs, individual education plans (IEPs) and any Educational Psychologist's or other therapist’s reports available. 
Students applying for a place at ØIS will be placed in the following priority order:

1. Children of international families on temporary assignment at one of the numerous multinational companies or embassies located in the surrounding region. This group also includes Danish families temporarily returning from abroad where the children have attended international schools where the language of instruction was English.

2. Children of temporary international families for whom the Danish educational system is not a viable alternative and who have a sibling/siblings at school already or one (or more) for whom a place is available.

3. Children of temporary international families for whom the Danish educational system is not a viable alternative.

4. Children for whom the Danish educational system is a viable alternative.

Please be aware that an application submitted with completed documentation and payment of the registration fee, does not guarantee a placement in our school.

When considering placing a child in our school, we consider the information provided by parents, information given by the previous school (school reports), admissions tests (if applicable) and any other material that has been provided.

ØIS reserves the right to close an application at any stage in the process, including after initial acceptance, should a family fail to disclose relevant or requested information.

Enquiries regarding the school and admissions can be made via the admissions coordinator at admissions@oeis.dk. The Østerbro International School admissions policy considers all eligible children. Families are welcome to apply regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender or religion. However to balance the student body the school may take into consideration the students first language and any learning support needs.

Your application can only be made online by going to: Admissions/Application Form, or by clicking here.

We will, of course, be happy to answer any further questions which you may have about the school or the admissions procedure.

Thank you for your interest in Østerbro International School.